Brand NEW 6ft USB A-to-B High Speed 2.0 Cable/Cord for Panasonic, Lexmark, Dell, Epson, Brother, Samsung, HP (Hewlett Packard) Ink Jet and Laser Toner Printer Models price

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USB 2.0 Cable A to B

6 ft length
Beige Color

- High Speed USB 2.0 Certified Cable
- Foil and Braid Shielding to reduce EMI/RFI Interference
- Twisted-Pair construction to ensure high-speed, error-free data transfer
- Up to 480 Mbits/sec transfer
- Compatible with hundreds of devices including: Printers, scanners, keyboards, digital cameras, web cameras and more.

  • USB 2.0 Cable A to B ( Up to 480 Mbits/sec transfer )
  • Length: 6ft / Color: Beige
  • Compatible With: Dell 5230dn 5330dn 5350dn 1350cnw 1355cnw 1355cn 1130n S2500n 2350d 3100cn 5100cn 3115cn 1130 720 725 3110cn 3000cn 3130cn 5110cn 1250c A960 V505 7130cdn 2150cn 1320c 2130cn 964 968 2150cdn 5130cdn 948 V105 V313 V313w 946 V305w P513w 944 922 942 962 966 926 968w V505w V305 A920 P713w 924 810 2335dn 3115cn A940 V515w V715w P703w 2135cn 3333dn 2145cn 1133 1135n 2155cn 2230d 3335dn 5535dn 2155cdn 2355dn 1125 2350dn 3330dn 5530dn 5230n S2500, Brother 145C 195C 7040 585CW J125 7065DN 8080DN J525W 9040CN 7020 8085DN 9045CDN 385c 375CW 6690CW 70 i 80 i J315W 197C 7440N 7840W 7340 255CW 165c 7030 9840CDW 495CW 2000 i 200 i 295CN 7000 J220 7320 9420CN J280W 660mc 790CW 9650 9750 9850 7820N 8840d 8840dn 5890CN 6490CW 795CW 7150c 7160c 9600 8660DN 8860DN 8870DW 250C 5100c 5490CN J270w J6710DW 7360N 9100 9100c 9000 J825DW 970mc 1780 990cw J615W J415w 9870 8820d 9450CDN 8890DW 5895cw J430W 9010CN 9320CW 3100c 490CW 8300 8700 J6910DW 7460DN 7400c 8460N 8640D 6890CDW 1770 1870 J410w J265w J630W J6510DW 2500 8600 8820dn 9460CDN J625DW J835DW 3360c 290C 8670DN 7345N 9440CN 9970CDW 9560CDW 7860DW 7200fc 7300c 9200c 9120CN 7000fc 7200c 1260 1270 8480DN 8680DN 3040CN 5370DW 5370DWT 10DPS 10DV 10H 6 6V 6T 8PS/AP 8V 2240D 2150N 2700CN 6050DW 2220 2280DW 4VE 8D 8PS 6050DN 8050N 4150CDN 4570CDWT 2140 4040CDN 4070CDW 1270N 5340D 4PS 6050D 7050N 4570CDW 960 1660 2500 4040CN 1250 4 4V 8 8E 2230 2240 2270DW 1260 3070CW 2170W 100 100 i 400 1570MC 1950 Plus 4100e 1270e 1500M 1170 1270 950 1150 1950 580MC 1800c 1250 1850 900 980M 770 870MC 1350 1450 1550 1750 4750 5750 4100 750 7800 J II 7000 365CN 395CN 7060D 7000 J 7500 J 560
  • Compatible With: Canon 800 C545 C555 F30 C3000 C3500 C5000 C755 C635 1000 F80 C530 C5500 i450 F60 C2500 i950 i860 i960 i250 F50 F20 i455 i475D i320 i350 i470D i9100 iP6000D Pro9500 Pro9500 Mark II MP240 i550 i850 MX420 iX6550 MP610 MP190 i560 i70 MX410 iP4300 MP510 iP2500 MP480 MX330 iP100 iP2600 MP270 MX340 MG8120 MX360 MP530 MP550 MG5320 MX885 iP4850 iP2700 MX850 MP220 MG6250 MP499 MX350 MX870 iP3500 MG8220 iP4950 iP4200 MP110 Pro9000 iP4700 MP600 MP960 MP520 iP2000 MP470 MG6150 MP950 MP150 iP4600 MP800 MP990 MP460 iP4500 MP540 iP4820 MX860 Pro9000 Mark II MX884 MG8250 MG5350 MG5150 MP780 MP160 MX300 MP560 MG6220 MP800R MG6120 iP4920 iX7000 MP130 iP6700D MP180 MP252 MP210 MX7600 iP3600 MP620 MP630 MP830 MP640 MP750 MG5120 MG5220 MX882 MP810 MX700 MP170 iP4000 iP4000R MP140 iP2702 iP1900 MP280 MP980 MP500 MG3150 iX6520 iP90 MG5250 iP90v MX320 MP490 MP970 MP495 MP450 PC720 PC735 PC740 MG2150 MG8150 PCD450 PC940 PC941 PC950 MP250 MP760 PC330 PC400 PC420 PC921 PC745 PC770 PC980 PC325 PCD440 PC310 PC530 PC710 PC790 PC920 PC300 PC320 PC430 PC550 PC775 PC795 S820 S820D S900 S9000 S800 S300 S200 S500 S520 S600 S330 S530D S630 S750 S830D S450 S630 Network S400 8500 L920 L4600E L3100 L4600 MF6680dn MF8030Cn MF8040Cn MF8050Cn MF4410 MF4580dn MF4550d MF4570dn MF8360Cdn MF8380Cdw MF9170 MF9220Cdn MF5940dn MF8330Cdn MF8350Cdn MF9280Cdn MF4430 MF4450 MF5880dn MF5980dw MF8080Cw MF8340Cdn MF3010 MF5840dn D780 MF7280 MF7460 MF7470 MF7480 LBP6000 MF8380Cdw 4000ed MF4570dn D420 MF9280Cdn MF3010 MF8080Cw D1180 MF8050cn MF6595cx D340 4000 4000e MF4370dn LBP7200Cdn LBP6300dn LBP7660Cdn MF5770 D1170 MF3110 MF5730 D1150 MF6590 MF4450 MF5880dn MF6595 D550 MF5850dn MF9220Cdn LBP6650dn MF5950dw MF5960dn MF3240 MF5750 D1120 MF8350Cdn MF6540 iPF700 iPF710 iPF710 MFP iPF720 iPF9000S iPF9100 iPF825 iPF825 MFP iPF6000S iPF6300 iPF600 LP17 LP24 iPF5100 iPF6100 iPF6200 iPF815 MFP iPF820 PRO iPF6300S iPF8300 iPF500 iPF510 iPF610 iPF655 iPF750 iPF755 iPF8000 iPF8100 iPF8000S iPF9000 iPF815 iPF820
  • Compatible With: Epson NX200 CX5400 NX100 NX300 SX535WD C40 SX115 C88+ NX415 NX515 N11 NX305 NX125 S22 C84 CX9400F SX130 SX218 C42UX CX7000F NX115 NX110 C41 C82N CX6000 NX625 SX215 SX415 SX620FW CX1500V C120 NX510 CX7000 C44UX C64 CX6400 CX8400 SX445W NX430 CX5200 CX7450 NX215 CX5000 BX535WD SX425W SX515W SX525WD SX610FW NX420 B-510DN CX4400 CX9475Fax CX7400 NX400 NX105 BX625FWD BX635FWD BX300F BX925FWD B42WD B1100 R220 BX310FN BX320FW BX525WD BX610FW BX305F R2880 B40W BX305FW B-300 B-310N 825 R300m R340 PX830FWD PX730WD EX R280 1270 R260 R380 900 RX500 R300 PX650 PX810FW R2000 R265 R800 1200 700 1280 2200 875DCS RX680 R1900 PX820FWD R3000 R200 P50 925 R320 R2400 890 1400 PX720WD R360 960 2000P 750 875DC 820 870 RX595 PX660 PX700W PX710W 2500 Pro 5000 1000 5500 780 785EPX 7890 9000 9500 9600 2000 2500 7000 7600 4900 7500 3880 4880 30 500 615 315 9890 WT7900 60 320 325 630 1100 840 610 520 400 440 635 310 850 850N 740i 900G 40 600 II 980N 1160 640 480SX 800 740 600 777 8 Cubed 900N 980 Pro 880 900 IIs 660 670 580 850Ne 300 480SXU 860 880i 777i 725 810 835 Pro-XL 200 710 700 730 837 500 760 WP-4530 C82 C62 CX3200 50 800 WP-4020 WP-4540, Samsung 6545N 3205W 4826FN 4833FD 5737FW 4623F 4825FN 4828FN 5835FN 5835NX 6555NX 2580N 2855ND 2955ND 6545NX 8030ND 1865 1860 4510ND 4551NDR 5635FN 6322DN 3471ND 4050ND 6510ND 2850D 2955DW/XAA 3310ND 2525 3312ND 3710ND 2851ND 5015ND 5510ND 9350ND 3175FN 6250FX 8385NX 1665 1670 9250ND 3185 3185FN 3185FW 1865W 2525W 320N 325 315 500N 3175FW 8385ND 610 660 660ND 775ND 6220FX 320 550 315W 325W 670ND 620ND 550N 4729FD 4729FW 8040ND 3205 770ND 500 4623FN 4623FW

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